01. He gives a small [portion] of his earnings to charity every payday.
02. I put a [portion] of my salary into a savings account each month to use for our summer vacation.
03. I like this restaurant; they give you enormous [portions] of food at a very reasonable price.
04. A significant [portion] of the population of Quebec wants to separate from Canada, and form their own country.
05. That restaurant offers children's [portions] of all their main courses at a reduced price.
06. My grandmother always gave us huge [portions] of apple pie when we went to her house for supper on Sundays.
07. William Wordsworth wrote that the best [portion] of a good man's life are his little, nameless, un-remembered acts of kindness and of love.
08. There is a Congolese proverb which observes that the [portion] that a man keeps for himself is usually not the smallest.
09. The eastern [portion] of Pakistan seceded in 1971 as the independent nation of Bangladesh.
10. Your ability to retire in comfort may depend on how wisely you invest a [portion] of your income during your working years.
11. We brought enough dessert to the potluck supper so that everyone present could have a small [portion].
12. John Robbins once noted that there can be no national security as long as the basic human needs of large [portions] of humanity are not met.
13. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is a divided city, with the northern [portion] occupied by Turks, and the southern section by Greeks.
14. Many women and children in the north of Sudan spend a large [portion] of their day finding enough water to keep themselves and their animals alive.
15. Wales occupies the western, and smallest [portion] of the island of Britain.
16. Only about 20 families of mountain gorillas remain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's [portion] of Virunga Park.
17. Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated that the only gift is a [portion] of thyself.
18. The United States formally occupied its [portion] of Samoa in 1900.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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